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Along with the progressive forces in the Jewish population we fought back vigorously for Arab rights, and secured an end to the military rule and land confiscation in 1966," he said.
In other words, there was no image as powerful as "El Castillo" that the progressive forces could rally around, and this cultural vacuum seriously weakened their cause, particularly during the Republic and the Civil War.
Jupiter is proud to host an event that will bring together the most creative and progressive forces in the business, academic, and arts communities," said Gene DeRose, Jupiter's CEO.
The two most progressive forces of the country at the moment are the CHP and the HDP.
ISLAMABAD -- President of National Party Senator Mir Hasil Bizenjo on Tuesday said that progressive forces of Pakistan including poets and writers must come forward to reclaim their space and discourage extremist tendencies in the society.
Appreciating the Denmark support, Ahmed Bilal Mehboob, Executive Director of PILDAT said, It is in everyone's interest that we strengthen the democratic progressive forces in Pakistan, so that we do not leave the playing field to the radical forces.
It also calls on all secular and progressive forces to unite, and adds that the Congress will try and strengthen its support base, especially with those it has lost favour with.
An Arab Social Democratic forum [is] established today…because we all need a strong network of the progressive forces of the Arab world," he said.
NPF Parties, National and Progressive Forces Alliance Forum: National Dialogue based on Syria's Sovereignty and Rejection of Foreign Interference The political forum which is being held by the National Progressive Front (NPF) parties and National and progressive forces continued on Monday its activities under the theme of "Political Dialogue and National Reconciliation are the Means to Restore Security and Stability".
Nabil Shaath, Fatah Commissioner for International Relations, stated: "The PES Congress decision on the membership of Fatah comes at a crucial time for progressive forces in Palestine and in the Arab world.
The PES stands ready to support progressive forces in the region and to step up its presence and efforts even further.

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