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One place to look for some lessons on our current predicament is the immigrant-rights movement, which today stands as one of the very few parts of the broader progressive movement with the capacity to put hundreds of thousands of people in motion and on the streets.
He presents a manifesto of local and national initiatives and policy and institutional reforms that can achieve the goals of America's progressive movement in areas such as green technology, taxes, and foreign policy.
His Eminence referred to the progressive movement of the Iranian nation and the different challenges that the enemies have encountered over the past 32 years, further adding, "The Iranian nation has accomplished many things which were considered impossible and it will achieve definite victory with this spirit.
Several years ago, I spoke, on a panel where an audience member posed the rhetorical question, "Can any of you envision a robust progressive movement that doesn't have organized labor at the center of it?
It is on the war issue that the grassroots progressive movement has made its presence felt the most.
It seems obvious that the progressive movement should keep up its criticism, issue by issue.
Rather than being a sign of a resurgent anti-Semitism or anti-Israel sentiment, much less Jewish self-hatred, however, the new liberal critiques of AIPAC closely mirror recent efforts by the resurgent progressive movement, home to many Jews without kippahs, to force groups whose base is Democratic, but whose politics are deemed too conservative for the present era, to relitigate their hold on power.
I caught up with Hightower on September 6 when he came to Baraboo, Wisconsin, to participate in Fighting Bob Fest, named after Robert La Follette, a leader of the Progressive movement and the founder of this magazine.
Francis Calpotura spent the first six months of 2002 visiting social change organizations in the Philippines to investigate the impact of globalization on progressive movement infrastructure.
Like the progressive movement of the early 20th century, they are aggressively anti-party.
The Rainbow Coalition is undergoing an organizaitional transition that has far-reaching implications for the progressive movement in the United States.

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