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Progressive Politics after the Crash contains a lot of useful suggestions for a new model of economic growth, though when it comes to regulating financial markets, the book has fewer detailed and practical suggestions.
You give hope to those of us who are Biblical Christians and who have long held that our faith calls us to what the world often calls progressive politics.
And so, while it might be progressive politics to map this ecology as rigorously as possible and give names and credit to everyone involved, it is sometimes pragmatic to draw the line sharply and claim sole authorship.
Any new progressive politics, Hamilton argues, will need to tap into the anxieties and aspirations of the nation, find new ways to talk about morality.
It's the Pulitzer- and Tony-winning Broadway musical about AIDS, progressive politics, bohemian culture, drag queens, and smokin'-hot lesbians, coming to a multiplex near you, and with a PG-13 rating, no less.
Indeed, I'd argue that a strong defense of pluralistic, democratic societies needs to be an essential, perhaps a defining, component of any genuinely progressive politics in today's world.
Smith's essay was published last year in The Emancipatory Promise of Charter Schools: Toward a Progressive Politics of School Choice.
The push to privatize Social Security is the right wing's single most important gift to the future of progressive politics.
For nearly 200 years, progressive politics has been based on an assumption, not always explicitly acknowledged, of continually rising energy input for society as a whole, and more specifically of continually rising fossil fuel input--an assumption which thus far historical experience has confirmed.
It's tempting to assume that the "you" Gladwell constantly addressed in Blink is the typical New Yorker reader, a white intellectual with progressive politics.
Although unions have long been involved in partnering with social reform movements and progressive politics, their contribution has not been properly recognized.

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