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The stretching, breathing, progressive relaxation and imagery routines mentioned earlier also increase mindfulness.
Practice relaxation techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, progressive relaxation, or visualization.
For patients in whom pain persists, nonpharmacologic approaches such as exercise and spinal manipulation may be tried, along with other "interdisciplinary" approaches such as acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga, cognitive-behavioral therapy, or progressive relaxation therapy.
The purpose of this study was to assess the psychophysiological stress-reducing properties of progressive relaxation compared with hypnosis, and deep abdominal breathing compared with a baseline condition, while controlling for hypnotizability.
Try a relaxation exercise, such as progressive relaxation, in which you tense and then relax different muscles starting with your toes and moving up to your head.
The use of progressive relaxation training reduced complaints of sleep disturbances in alcoholics.
It was aimed at changing patients' misconceptions about sleep, identifying and correcting factors that exacerbated sleep problems, and teaching techniques such as progressive relaxation, worry management, and problem solving.
The reflexology sessions lasted for 30 minutes and usually began with five minutes of progressive relaxation exercises.
In fact, it is impossible to teach biofeedback without also teaching a type of self hypnosis exercise, such as imagery-relaxation, progressive relaxation or imagery change.
044) from baseline to post-training in those randomly undergoing eight sessions of relaxation training, consisting of autogenics, progressive relaxation, deep breathing, and four sessions with EMG feedback vs.
The progressive relaxation of the laws on alcohol has been a disaster and the time must be near where a government takes the same attitude to alcohol as to tobacco.
The effects of music with abbreviated progressive relaxation techniques on occupational stress on female nurses in a hospital.

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