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The second progressive scan player, RCA DVD model DRC350N, has 1.
Circuit City: Zenith progressive scan DVD/CD/HiFi VCR combo, model XBV342, $149.
99), featuring Super ColorStream PRO(R) progressive scan output, which allows 8:8:8 over sampling of interlaced color signals, simultaneously enabling them as the ideal source component for display on a conventional analog color television set.
of America has displayed a DVD player that offers a progressive scan output, but the company has noted it will not release a player of this sort for sale until a copy-protection agreement emerges.
The AXIS 221 uses a high performance Pentax lens and a progressive scan CCD image sensor that enables moving images to be presented without distortion or blur.
This unique single-chip solution will help make progressive scan TV the standard product for mid-range and high-end consumer markets," said Johann Weierer, marketing manager video & graphic at Micronas.
Building upon the success of the SiI 503, the SiI 504 offers enhanced price/performance for applications requiring the highest quality deinterlacing, such as progressive scan DVD players, set-top boxes, high-definition TVs, A/V monitors and video projectors.
In addition, 100-Hz television sets are compatible to DVD progressive scan.
19 /PRNewswire/ -- Asserting its leadership position in digital electronics technology, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company (PCEC) announces its first progressive scan DVD player.
The new unit is also equipped with progressive scan circuitry, which converts 480i/575i signal to progressive, as well as the option for a customizable logo display.
In addition, the PX610 is the first frame grabber designed specifically to support the high resolution, non-interlaced video from the latest progressive scan CCD cameras from Cohu, Costar, Hitachi, Sony and other manufacturers.
Canon's new XL2 camcorder offers an evolutionary design and new professional features - including a choice of 60i, 24p or 30p frame rates, 4:3 or high resolution 16:9 aspect ratio, new 680,000 pixel progressive scan CCDs, and a full line of customizable controls for cine-looking results.

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