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But McFeeley and other progressives, including Gloria Totten of Progressive Majority and New Party founder Joel Rogers, recently spent two years trying to interest funders in just such an entity--without success.
A version of this debate has surfaced recently around Wal-Mart, with some progressives supporting local government ordinances to force the retailer to raise wages and provide better benefits, and others (most vocally Jason Furman, another ex-Clintonian Sperling friend) preferring to help Wal-Mart's low-paid workers with government programs, such as an expanded Earned Income Tax Credit.
8) To defeat Republican neoliberalism, however, progressives must win the allegiance of American Christians, not despise them.
Alexia Kelley, who served a short stint as religious outreach director for the party this year, said Democrats can gain the upper hand in the values debate because progressives "have the moral high ground.
Thanks to my parents, I was reared as an unrepentantly progressive Catholic, constantly attending discussion groups and demonstrations that reflected a commitment to the social justice teachings of the church.
40] As with their Gilded-age predecessors, these urban Progressives preferred to work outside the party system and through ostensibly neutral civic associations, but they never strayed far from their anti-machine endeavors.
A "niche mentality" prevails, and progressives are bogged down in their own narrow ruts.
But Progressives didn't shake up the establishment merely to make trouble: They had a coherent philosophy, which stressed the role of the government in making citizens - especially those in the lower classes - informed, politically active, and virtuous.
On domestic issues, progressives give Dean high marks on the issue of health care.
Liberals favor government handouts, conservatives favor unfettered markets, but progressives know the value of "voluntary associations and institutions of community-- America's 'third sector.
Q: That gets us to a central political question: What should Democrats and, more broadly, progressives be doing to challenge Bush and the Republicans?
The Progressive was clearly pro-Nader throughout the 2000 campaign, and Al Gore lost the election.