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Another project leader, who is addressing an entire country's water use, says successful leaders are those who are comfortable in thinking outside the box.
A: ASAE staff members are not the technical experts in these standards projects, so the project leader and working group must take care of the comments.
In Jackson's first stint as a project leader for the then all-male Versacorp, both teams were charged with managing the Planet Hollywood restaurant in Manhattan's Times Square on consecutive nights.
Project leader Mike Bosilovich says the model provides a much clearer picture than ever before of how water vapor travels through the atmosphere, and is the only tool available that can determine individual regional atmospheric moisture sources and account for all the variables required for source analysis.
In recognition of this contribution, the project leader at Kobe University has presented NIST with a set of these volumes together with a laudatory letter about the value the NIST measurements to their large project.
I get calls from local tourism groups, bike stores and state agencies requesting copies," says Rhode Island map project leader George Johnson.
It's going to happen," says Eficentrum project leader Fernando Carrillo.
While we don't foresee that the keyboard and mouse will become obsolete anytime soon," says STIMULATE project leader James Flanagan, "MIM technology opens possibilities for improving current computer applications and for developing entirely new ones that require more-refined modes of human-computer interaction.
This project leader will be the principal contact for an outside consultant, if one is used.
Analysis of the core can also address questions about global climate change, says project leader Pieter M.
Tenders are invited for Technical Project Leader for the research on the demand and availability of anthropometric data of children.