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USDA publishes the projections each year in February.
The application creates pseudocylindrical and cylindrical projections, as well as projections with curved parallels.
Employment projections are the most frequently requested type of workforce statistic besides the unemployment rate.
As this example shows, Oppenheim's selection of images is often whimsical; in combination with the lack of synchronicity of the two projections, which forces one to try and recollect what word a given letter stood for, the choice of imagery undercuts the didacticism of the original posters.
Antarctica, for example, appears much larger on Mercator projections than it should.
Organized by the Baltimore Museum of Art's Darsie Alexander, the show may still raise eyebrows for its unapologetic positing of slide projection as a medium with its own historical set of technological supports (arising from modes of projection beginning with magic lanterns in the seventeenth century) and procedural conventions (the techniques of successive display emerging from both nineteenth-century chronophotography and modern film).
While NGS was using the Van der Grinten I projection for their world maps, numerous other projections were developed.
Projections of the labor force and industry and occupational projections to 1995 were relatively accurate; differences that did occur are identified and analyzed to inform users and to improve future projections
The reports provide a comprehensive analysis of the market, five-year market forecasts, national data projections, market outlook and key developments such as regulation, health facilities and government policy.
Positioned in the interstice between projections, viewers must draw their own conclusions, even while infrastructural inequities between Israel and Palestine are exposed.
Among the five rounds of projections of the 1985 labor force conducted between 1970 and 1980, those produced in 19 78 yielded results closest to actual 1985 values