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Wolf, "Erythromycin as a prokinetic agent: a prospective, randomized, controlled study of efficacy in nasoenteric tube placement," The American Journal of Gastroenterology, vol.
Tack, "Acotiamide hydrochloride (Z-338), a novel prokinetic agent, restores delayed gastric emptying and feeding inhibition induced by restraint stress in rats," Neurogastroenterology & Motility, vol.
In a retrospective study, low-dose nortriptyline, amitriptyline, and desipramine have shown to reduce symptoms in patients with diabetes, chronic vomiting, and inadequate response to prokinetics [83].
The study was a prospective case-control pilot study comparing the effect of electroacupuncture and a prokinetic drug on gastric emptying in adult critically ill neurosurgical patients.
On the other hand, development of nausea was less frequent in elderly patients and in those treated with prokinetics, such as mosapride, itopride, and/or Japanese herbal medicines, including rikkunshito, daikenchuto, mashiningan, or daiou (Rhei rhizoma), than in those without (Table 2).
Results: Ranitidine enhances the prokinetic effect of metoclopramide.
In the Phase 2b study, relamorelin administered for 12 weeks demonstrated substantial efficacy for the key diabetic gastroparesis symptoms of nausea, post-prandial fullness, abdominal pain and bloating (measured both individually and as a composite endpoint), along with a potent prokinetic effect on gastric motility.
Diarrhea, for example, is caused by a wide range of things (Btaiche et al., 20l0).Tube feeding is often implicated first, while medications (including antibiotics, sorbitol-containing oral liquid drugs, oral magnesium and phosphorus, laxatives, and prokinetic agents) as well as Clostridium difficile infections have all been associated with diarrhea in enterally fed patients and should be considered as realistic culprits (Btaiche et al., 2010).
"We assume that mirtazapine might improve functional dyspepsia by improving depression and anxiety, reducing visceral sensitivity, and through its prokinetic effects on gastrointestinal transit," said Dr.
of respondents selecting Drug category this category Examples provided Antimicrobial 6 Itraconazole, amphotericin B, terbinafine, enrofloxacin Analgesics 5 Tramadol, gabapentin Cardiovascular drugs 4 Enalapril, benazepril Anti-inflammatories 2 Meloxicam Hormones 2 Leuprolide acetate Nutraceuticals 1 Milk thistle in lactulose Anticonvulsants 1 -- Poison antidotes 1 -- Prokinetic agents 1 -- Tranquilizers 1 -- Electrolytes 0 --
In both groups, no prokinetic agent was used, and a diclofenac suppository and IV morphine were administered for pain control.
Patients with predominant nausea and bloating may have motility dysfunction and may benefit from treatment with a prokinetic agent.