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Proletarianisation, a greater sense of class consciousness, and an understanding that militancy obtained results all contributed to the spreading of strikes to areas beyond those with which they are normally associated, such as white-collar workers.
Luisa Pare (1988) focuses on a process she calls descampenization, that is, the loss of rural customs, and, capital accumulation that results in proletarianisation.
envisaged by its creator Lord Reith as a beacon of cultural edification, was becoming a major instrument of proletarianisation and nihilism in the culture war.
O'Laughlin, Bridget, Proletarianisation and/or changing rural livelihoods: forced labour and resistance in colonial Mozambique (Multiple Livelihoods and Social Change Working Paper Series, 12).
Quite the contrary, even middle-class trade unionism seems likely to become 'an attempt to prevent proletarianisation and .
Today, family production and the sale of its surplus remains the way of life of more than half the world's population, even while the Communist Party of the Peoples' Republic of Vietnam decided at its eleventh National Congress to accelerate the rate proletarianisation and reduce the peasantry to less than 50% of Vietnam's population (Bernstein, 2002; Donaldson, 2012).
We then reflect on the constitution of this new global workforce, and the circumscribed character of migrant workers' new-found freedom and how this process of proletarianisation can be usefully characterised in Polanyian terms as the making of a fictitious commodity.
Despite the fact that colonial settlement, demographic change, urbanisation and proletarianisation have severely eroded pre-contact Maori social structure, biculturalism and the "Treaty process" were to operate, as mentioned above, between the government and iwi.