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19) His account amply confirms the labour process inquiries of the 1990s and 2000s undertaken into the proletarianization of what the Marxist scholar Harry Braverman would have referred to as "mental labour" along the new digital assembly lines.
In de Rougemont, it is proletarianization that both foregrounds the urgency of action and leads thought into the cul de sac of efficient practicalities.
Roediger's major thesis is that proletarianization and the development of a sense of whiteness went hand in hand in the making of the American white working class.
American social history has been marked by "capital's increasing demands for regular, timed and routinized labor," from the proletarianization of the native-born artisanal laborers of the early republic through the various immigrant and native-rural populations of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (Roediger, Wages 95-96).
I offer the fact of global proletarianization, which means that human beings have nothing to offer but their labor.
The Great Migration to the urban North inaugurated the construction of a third black racial formation, Proletarianization and Ghettoization (1910-1979).
One must remember that radical East European Jewish politics, nurtured wherever there were diasporic immigrant settlements, was historically conditioned by the disappointment Russian-Jewish intellectuals felt about the possibilities of integration into the Russian state and the proletarianization of the Jewish community in the rapidly industrializing Pale of Settlement in the late nineteenth century.
This will have two repercussions sooner or later: first, the small and marginal farmers would be wiped out and second, this will create proletarianization of labor.
The third is the mineworkers' turn, in the proletarianization of
Such proletarianization ignores racism against blacks while condemning or sympathizing with their "underclass" position.
short, the psychic proletarianization [of followers], in the interests