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PROLIXITY. The unnecessary and superfluous statement of facts in pleading or in evidence. This will be rejected as impertinent. 7 Price, 278, n.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Our author is voluminous; he continues to write and publish with as much praiseworthy and indefatigable prolixity as if his efforts were crowned with the brilliant success that so justly attends those of Eugene Sue.
In addition, by virtue of its detail, this book comes close to the "pointless prolixity that irritates the reader through a profusion of minutiae" lamented by one connoisseur of overseas travel literature (216).
Because it is April, month of prolixity and ubiquity,
In some of his early works, the sermon collection titled Midbar Shur and his commentary to Talmudic Aggadah, 'Eyn Ayah, his prolixity and the mounting rush of his ideas overwhelm the respective genres of sermon and commentary, making them rough going for the average student (not to mention the intended listeners of Midbar Shur).
Should this happen, we might be witness to the sorry spectacle of a constitution that is distinguished by its verbosity and prolixity that tend to deter people from reading and understanding its provisions.
Attribution of agency would therefore appear to be conceptually more challenging for the respondents in cases of complex or unusual syntactic sequence, whereas Richard II's negative prolixity appears to have caused little interference with the cognitive processing of meaning by these non-native speakers.
Prolixity interrupts flow, and periphrasis can create logical confusion.
This is a theoretically dense and often confusing work, made all the more difficult to read by a prolixity of style and a disappointingly poor translation of the original Spanish edition (witness, for example, how "the tendential fall in the rate of profit" is rendered as "the tendentious fall" in the passage cited above).
Wilson, who navigates De Quincey's work with a concision that is the polar opposite of her subject's restless prolixity, observes that there have been plenty of biographies of De Quincey, but her aim in Guilty Thing is to present the first "De Quinceyan biography." The impact of scholars-turned-biographers like Richard Holmes and Graham Robb is evident in her approach, which attends less to the deep play-by-play of De Quincey's life than to the obsessions that consumed him--starting, as she does, with the notorious Ratcliff Highway murders allegedly committed by a London seaman, John Williams, in 1811.
While there is much to admire in this book, Furnish's overwrought prolixity dulls the luster of his brighter observations.
"The phrase 'material and necessary' is to be interpreted liberally to require disclosure, upon request, of any facts bearing on the controversy which will assist preparation for trial by sharpening the issues and reducing delay and prolixity. The test is one of usefulness and reason" (Allen v.
Moreover, their contribution should be relevant (maxim of relation) and communicators should avoid ambiguity, obscurity, prolixity and incoherence (maxim of manner).