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PROLOCUTOR. In the ecclesiastical law, signifies a president or chairman of a convocation.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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H11, government involvement; H12, direct participation; H13, government association; H14, financial incentive; H15, prolocutor; H16, of institution innovation; H17, information consultation; H18, social force mobilisation strategy, will be positively affected by the extent of a firm's possession of tangible resources, intangible resources, organisational resources and relational resources.
Likewise the sole surviving play of the Norwich cycle provides evidence of other innovations; a presenter is added, one whose speeches make clear that the play can be performed as part of a cycle, or on its own; the stage direction before the first prologue specifies 'Yt ys to be notyd that when the Grocers Pageant is played withowte eny other goenge befor yt then doth the Prolocutor say in this wise', (59) while for the second 'Note that yf ther goeth eny other pageants before yt, the Prolocutor sayeth as ys on the other side and leaveth owte this'.
It features a new complement of 41 professional contributors (in addition to the 100 who pitched in on the 1987 edition) and is again overseen by the venerable Patrick Moore, Great Britain's ever-glowering prolocutor for astronomy.
From 1985-1996 Bishop Sentamu was a member of the General Synod, and was prolocutor of the Province of Canterbury between 1990 and 1996.
All of that is outlined in the introductory speech of the Prolocutor. The conventional beginning draws the audience's attention towards the play, the "listen all" device, "men and women pat bet her/ bot lerit &leut, stout &bold." (ll.
There were two houses: the House of Bishops, presided over by the Archbishop, and the lower house, consisting of deans and various elected clergy, presided over by a prolocutor whose election had to be confirmed by the upper house.(1)
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"If we do not get our own act together as ministers, other people will impose something on us," commented Canon Hugh Wilcox, Prolocutor of the Canterbury Convocation.
CoGS also discussed pensions and conducted elections for deputy prolocutor, and it appointed the archivist of General Synod based on electronic ballot results.
The prolocutor or deputy prolocutor of General Synod will preside.
Clement's Anglican Church, North Vancouver, and deputy prolocutor of General Synod, has been elected the 10th bishop of the diocese of Kootenay.
Pray for the prolocutor, Cynthia Haines-Turner, as she chairs the proceedings.