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manufacturer of high-quality optical instruments, uses Santrio's Open for Business system to manage the data flow between QuickBooks and ProLog.
uses Prolog to enable efficient communication and collaboration on the railway transportation Shensong Line Phase I Project (L9) in Shanghai.
One advantage to separating my logic is that I can troubleshoot it before I even write the Perl code, loading the rules into a Prolog interpreter or IDE such as XGP (for Macintosh users) and testing them.
Smith said if anyone knows of an investment opportunity that Prolog should evaluate, or to learn more about Prolog's investment criteria and philosophy, contact him at (501) 954-9402 or by e-mail at mikersmithjr@mspartners.
According to early customers, Prolog LT enables business owners and project managers to manage costs, documents and day-to-day construction activities.
He proposed a new concurrent logic programming language called Concurrent Prolog [20].
In Prolog, this relationship between person and shift could be
Graphical push-pins provide visual indicators of Prolog records on a floor plan and this new feature allows users to easily click and drill down on each individual item to get more information.
The key requirements to KL1 included the description of a parallel operating system as well, but this again had to be considered from higher-level features (such as concurrency) downward, because ad hoc extension of OR-parallel Prolog with low-level primitives was clearly inappropriate.
The program in Figure I is written in Arity Prolog version 5.
Project Email Capture - Attach critical project data from emails directly into Prolog.
Shapiro and Takeuchi [21] had written a paper about how Concurrent Prolog could be used as an actor or concurrent object language.