Promise of

MARRIAGE, PROMISE OF. A promise of marriage is a contract entered into between a man and woman that they will marry each other.
     2. When the promise is made between persons competent to contract matrimony, an action lies for a breach of it. Vide Promise of Marriage.

References in classic literature ?
The lie it was drawing me by is perhaps Spring's oldest, commonest lie,--the lying promise of the Perfect Woman, the Quite Impossible She.
But your own heart will best suggest to you, whether you have never intended, by your conduct, to persuade the mother, as well as the daughter, into an opinion, that you designed honourably: and if so, though there may have been no direct promise of marriage in the case, I will leave to your own good understanding, how far you are bound to proceed.
A written promise of marriage exchanged between a man and woman, in Scotland, marries that man and woman by Scotch law.
A man who has betrayed a woman under a promise of marriage is forced by that law (in the interests of public morality) to acknowledge her as his wife.
With the promise of merciless vengeance written in the Devil s writing on his Devil-possessed face, he kept his eyes fixed on the hated woman whom he had ruined--on the hated woman who was fastened to him as his wife.
On the faith of the written promise of marriage exchanged between you in Scotland," he said, "you claim Mr.
Therefore, an effective brand promise of today must extend beyond an outward-facing statement meant to look nice on paper.
This finding makes sense: The promise of a college scholarship appeared to have the greatest effect on academically strong students (those who would be most likely to seek higher education), as well as positive, but not statistically significant, effects on students from traditionally underserved groups (who might not have considered higher education to be economically feasible).
Family Promise of Greater Denver, an affiliate of Family Promise, is celebrating the week locally, which also recognizes the efforts of more than 1,000 volunteers who support the nonprofit's mission to help families struggling with homelessness.
To take refuge in the absurd promise of mercy from God disrupts any totalizing schemas that efface what cannot be incorporated.
A Promise of Eden: Life Energy and Personal Growth in an Age of Transformation is a metaphysical examination of the power of human life energy to unite mind, body, and spirit.
How the life insurance industry answers that question will determine the future promise of the industry.