promise to pay

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(*She was free.I had changed my name from Frederick BAILEY to that of JOHNSON.)arrival at Newport, we were so anxious to get to a place of safety, that, notwithstanding we lacked the necessary money to pay our fare, we decided to take seats in the stage, and promise to pay when we got to New Bedford.
Speaking on behalf of the former workers, Animashaun said they have decided to seize the election opportunity as a pay back time for them to say thank you to Buhari for what he did and for his promise to pay them the balance of their entitlements in 2019.
Put another way, while FHLMC's promise to pay for title insurance is related to the overall transaction conveying the Property, it is an additional undertaking that could be performed independent of the conveyance itself.
a mere promise to pay, not represented by notes or secured in any way, is not regarded as a receipt of income within the intendment of the cash receipts method ..." (8) The same rule applies even when the promise to pay is accompanied by some limited control by the service provider.
It also includes a promise to pay US$190 million towards the debt owed to the generators.
This comes on top of the firm's promise to pay the U.S.
Now the law has been changed, allowing a condo association to borrow funds by making a promise to pay based on the cash flow coming from the common charges or assessments.
Japanese women are falling victim to a duty-free scam in which middlemen promise to pay for famous brand-name merchandise bought abroad, but renege despite their receipt of the goods, customs officials said Wednesday.
A guaranteed investment contract--also known as a funding agreement or a deposit-funds contract--is a contract issued by an insurance company with a promise to pay a fixed rate of interest and return the investor's principal after a specified term, usually one to five years.
Even though this "promise to pay" neither reduces the taxpayer's assets nor constitutes an actual payment, the majority opinion would treat the note as increasing the basis of the property transferred.
Companies that issue convertibles promise to pay holders a fixed yield, but at the same time allow investors the option to exchange the bonds for a set number of shares.
Finally, because prior authorization only evaluates medical necessity, it is not, strictly speaking, a legal promise to pay.