Promise to marry, repayment of a loan

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Country: Cape Verde
State: All States/Provinces

For three years I've been acquainted with a gentleman from Praia, Cape Verde. All that time he spoke of intending to marry me. This past June he introduced me to all his friends and business associates as his finance and when I returned to the US began proclaiming that I am his wife during telephone conversations. He asked me to send him $1000 so that he could show his bank that he had collateral for a loan which he needs to finish upgrading his restaurant which he was going to reopen. He said if I send it to him he would give me back three times the amount when I came to visit in December 2005. I sent him $700 and specified on the Western Union form that it was a loan. Then on 10/17/05 he faxed me a letter further proclaiming his devotion to me and eagerness to spend time with me in December and requested that I send him the remainder of the money. I sent him the $300 to which he said it was too little he was trying to purchase a boat that cost $10,000. So I cancelled that Western Union, retrieving my money. Then this past November he asked me for $1400 to help him resolve a problem that his son in Portugal was having at college. I said no because he hadn't paid me back the $700. Now he no longer answers my calls and has someone else answering his number who claims that the number no longer belongs to the gentleman. I will be arriving in Cape Verde for the visit he was anticipating. He originally indicated that I would stay with him for the duration of my trip which is Dec 29 - Jan 8. But since he is not answering my call and his friend who did translations for us has told me that the gentleman is through with me, I need to know what I need to do to get my $700 back. If I go to him and he refuses to repay it do I have just cause to file a crime with the police? What are the laws in Cape Verde regarding fraud? It turns out that he probably isn't officially divorced from his wife so he couldn't have married me as he was promising. What options do I have? I also fear that my safety will be in danger when I go there but the ticket is non refundable and non transferable and now I have to spend additional money for hotel, car rental and food.


It may be better not to go frankly but he can be sued in local courts there if you indeed want to pursue it; it might be better to write it off at this point.
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