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RELEGATION, civil law. Among the Romans relegation was a banishment to a certain place, and consequently was an interdiction of all places except the one designated.
     2. It differed from deportation. (q.v.) Relegation and deportation agree u these particulars: 1. Neither could be in a Roman city or province. 2. Neither caused the party punished to lose his liberty. Inst. 1,16, 2; Digest, 48, 22, 4; Code, 9, 47,26.
     3. Relegation and deportation differed in this. 1. Because deportation deprived of the right of citizenship, which was preserved notwithstanding the relegation. 2. Because deportation was always perpetual, and relegation was generally for a limited time. 3. Because deportation was always attended with confiscation of property, although not mentioned in the sentence; while a loss of property was not a consequence of relegation unless it was perpetual, or made a part of the sentence. Inst. 1, 12, 1 & 2; Dig. 48, 20, 7, 5; Id. 48, 22, 1 to 7; Code, 9, 47, 8.

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The RFL has set up a working group to establish whether a return to promotion and relegation would be beneficial, and Harrison has urged them to bring it back.
Villa said in a statement last night: "We were confused and surprised by Mr Bevan's remarks stating unnamed American and Asian owners have been talking about scrapping promotion and relegation to the Premier League.
Twickenham consider promotion and relegation sacrosanct and reminded Premier Rugby that the concept is enshrined in the eight-year deal, which runs until 2016.
That time, a Bangor win would have meant Coleraine finished above Ards, thus sending Bangor down as promotion and relegation was calculated on aggregate points over two years.
Let me take a stab at explaining to you how I think promotion and relegation might pan out, if indeed it is decided that promotion or relegation will actually take place.
English rugby remains split this morning after the First Division won a crucial vote in favour of retaining automatic promotion and relegation to and from the Premiership instead of the playoffs system favoured by the topflight clubs.
THE Rugby Football Union are aiming to ensure there is no repeat of the promotion and relegation confusion which marred the closing weeks of last season.
Marr was slammed along with representatives of Airdrie, Raith and St Mirren when they decided to approach the Premier Division clubs on their own to seek assurances on promotion and relegation.
SHADOW minister Andy Burnham, a former culture secretary, is spearheading a bid to bring back promotion and relegation to Super League.
Castleford boss Terry Matterson, whose side visit Wakefield in a demotion decider next Saturday, is one of several top-flight bosses supporting the move to scrap automatic promotion and relegation from 2009.
I don't believe that promotion and relegation makes a competition stronger," said Marshall.

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