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A person who devises a plan for a business venture; one who takes the preliminary steps necessary for the formation of a corporation.

Promoters are the people, who, for themselves or on behalf of others, organize a corporation. They issue a prospectus, obtain stock subscriptions, and secure a charter. Promoters stand in a fiduciary relationship to the proposed company and must act in Good Faith in all their dealings for the proposed corporation.

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n. a person who puts together a business, particularly a corporation, including the financing. Usually the promoter is the principal shareholder or one of the management team and has a contract with the incorporators or makes a claim for shares of stock for his/her efforts in organization. Most states limit the amount of "promotional stock" since it is supported only by effort and not by assets or cash. (See: promotional stock)

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Cloetta AB (STO:CLAB), a leading confectionary company in the Nordic region and the Netherlands, announced on Monday that the members of its nomination committee, ahead of the Annual General Meeting in April 2018, are Olof Svenfelt, chairman, appointed by AB Malfors Promotor; Dan Riff, appointed by Wellington Management; John Stromgren, appointed by Carnegie Fonder and Lilian Fossum Biner, appointed by the board of directors of Cloetta AB.
A despeito das diferencas entre as IES no pais, os pesquisadores da area de ensino e aprendizagem tendem a concordar sobre a necessidade de um sistema de ensino mais centrado no aluno, baseado em experiencias, vivencias e no qual o docente e um facilitador e promotor do processo de ensino e aprendizagem (ALCADIPANI; BRESLER, 2000; NICOLINI, 2003; MASSETO, 2007; ALCADIPANI, 2011a; ALMEIDA et al., 2011).
Miral, the Yas Island promotor, said it expects visitor numbers to rise by 15% this year, leading to greater demand for hotel rooms, according to local media.
We City Office to busy tickets on Promotor, They reached Number 1 in the singles charts of the UK, US, Canada and Australia with The House of the Rising Sun, one of the most famous songs in the history of commercial music.
Former Ian Ramsey School and Bede Sixth Form College student Looci Stephenson - Sohma is the stage name she adopted after reading a Japanese manga comic - now lives in Leeds where she works as a nightclub promotor and performer.