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The stone-free rates for the supine transgluteal SWL group was 89% and that for the URS group was 100%, in contrast to reported success of 69% by prone position SWL for the distal ureteric stones.
He had problem in adjusting to Kneeling and Standing positions, but logged 304 points in Prone position.
Lying in the prone position for therapeutic intervention is not usually possible for women in later stages of pregnancy even though it is known that compression of the maternal large blood vessels by the gravid uterus is eliminated when adopting the prone lying position (Nakai et al 1998).
Comparative reviews of CT scans obtained in the supine and prone positions suggest that for a given patient, the colon is more than twice as likely to be retrorenal in the prone position, with CT scan in the supine position inadequately representing this challenging anatomy.
Remaining on the ball of your foot enables you to push off the ground, which makes it easier to rise up or move into a prone position.
Restraint techniques include the standing, sitting, supine (face up) and prone position, with the prone position used only as an absolute last resort and for the shortest possible time.
Airway rescue in the prone position with laryngeal mask airway in a case of lumbar spinal stenosis undergoing percutaneous posterior decompression using an inter-spinous spacer device
The arrest operation was associated with storming into a bakery and forcing the bakery workers to to the prone position and inspecting them, fired teargas and sound grenades at Palestinian households, targeting the Grand Mosque of Bait-Amr, resulting in suffocation of Muslim worshippers.
Emamian and colleagues suggested that the supine position were sufficient to image the kidneys, but measurement of the renal dimensions were done with the patients in the prone position.
Blues went through at Molineux, 1-0, thanks to Elliott's goal from a prone position.
To date, however, such research has been conducted in the supine position only, and almost no research was conducted in the prone position.