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She addressed them to him in French, although her pronunciation of the language was so bad that sometimes I had to translate them.
Not at all," replied the cardinal, forcing his Italian pronunciation in such a manner that, from soft and velvety as it was, it became sharp and vibrating, "not at all: I have a full and fixed intention to marry them, and that as well as I shall be able.
Father only left Paris after he had seen us what he calls comfortably settled here, and had informed Madame de Maisonrouge (the mistress of the establishment--the head of the "family") that he wished my French pronunciation especially attended to.
cried Clare, pleased to think that she has reverted to the real pronunciation.
The next one spoke with a simpering precision of pronunciation that was irritating and said:
Reads, reproducing her pronunciation exactly] "Cheer ap, Keptin; n' haw ya flahr orf a pore gel.
Ah, my dear vicomte," put in Anna Pavlovna, "L'Urope" (for some reason she called it Urope as if that were a specially refined French pronunciation which she could allow herself when conversing with a Frenchman), "L'Urope ne sera jamais notre alliee sincere.
These things belong only to pronunciation, which is the least part of grammar," said Mrs.
He was a Hanoverian, and his accent was then, I believe, the standard, though the Berlinese is now the accepted pronunciation.
When he met an Englishman he spoke French in order that he might not betray himself, but occasionally talked in English to foreigners who understood that tongue, but could not note the slight imperfections of accent and pronunciation that were his.
She helped him with his English, corrected his pronunciation, and started him on arithmetic.
When she spoke, her articulation was confused, and her pronunciation of some of the longer words was hardly intelligible.