proof of delivery

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The mobile application gives users access to numerous functions, including pre-trip vehicle inspections (with photographs of assets); electronic trip-sheet information; routing and tracking information; incident reports, to aid during accidents or breakdowns; electronic proof of delivery (ePOD), including a sign-on-screen and photographs of damaged items; and status updates on the delivery.
More than 20 optional modules enable users to customize the software to specific needs such as comprehensive Business Intelligence, Container Tracing, Instant Proof of Delivery and Chassis Auditing.
The user-friendly interface guides the operator through proof of delivery or stock assignment, depending on the application.
The new ePOD (electronic proof of delivery) technology pinpoints exactly where customers' goods have been delivered, as well as recording the time and signature of the recipient.
Our leading edge web and cell technology keep you up to the minute on the location of your load from the pick-up through proof of delivery. Fikes is an approved Department of Defense carrier.
The IRS issued final regulations providing guidance on how taxpayers can prove the timely delivery of physical documents to the IRS and the Tax Court, absent direct proof of delivery (T.D.
Paragon HDS is a configurable modular system that can also be linked with vehicle tracking and proof of delivery systems for real-time fleet and delivery management.
The Mobile Printing add-on enables drivers to capture signatures for proof of delivery and generate receipts and invoices.
Standard e-mail lacks verifiable proof of delivery, content of e-mails and attachments, uniform time sent and received and transaction audit trails.
Wireless applications currently in use at the fleet level include track and trace solutions that enable trucking operations to track the location of a vehicle from the back office; driver communication solutions that enable two-way communication between dispatch and the driver; route and schedule optimization that ensures that the vehicle follows the optimum route, pickup, and arrival scheduling; security solutions for cargo; yard and dock solutions that ensure visibility of vehicles and cargo; proof of delivery and mobile imaging to enable authentic proof of delivery; reporting, monitoring, and diagnostics solutions that allow for monitoring of vehicle operating parameters; and telematics that increase supply chain visibility.
Based on Birchwood Lane, Culina can also provide Feel Good management with secure online order tracking, including on target in full (OTIF) and proof of delivery (POD) data.
A PayPal spokesman said handing over an item in person - so there is no proof of delivery - means the transaction is not covered by its Seller Protection Programme.