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Alam mo, naalala ko yung propagandist ni Hitler noong second world war na si Goebbels, ang sabi niya, minsan ka lang magsabi ng kasinungalingan, kasinungalingan pa rin iyan, ngunit kung uulitin mo nang 1,000 times ang isang kasinungalingan, baka maniwala na ang taumbayan,' the senator said in an interview with DZBB on Sunday.
These fine distinctions between religious not made by the propagandists lead to some confusion in usage and understanding today.
The President said that like the communists, the propagandists of IS ideologies were 'conditioning the minds of the people.
Global warming propagandists have been using bogus "science" and frightening scenarios for years in an ongoing campaign aimed at empowering the United Nations to deal with this ginned-up "crisis.
It's time for the taxpayer to take back our universities from the anti-American, multicultural propagandists who run them and end the short-changing of our kids to benefit students sent here by questionable governments.
Beneath the fleeting roar of outraged public opinion, the pro-porn, pro-pedophile propagandists purr that Sharpe's case is about basic freedom of expression, not the exploitation of children.
The third chapter looks at knights as propagandists and notes that much of their writing is anti-clerical in nature and not perhaps without an underlying profit motive.
He is assisted at IIE by a large battery of globalist scholars, among whom IIE Senior Fellows Gary Hufbauer (CFR) and Jeffrey Schott have been particularly important as economic technicians and propagandists for the FTAA.
I've heard propagandists point out that Mussolini made the trains run on time, Hitler ended the rampant inflation in Germany, Lenin and Stalin ended the ``injustices'' of capitalism in Russia and Castro gave Cubans ``free'' health care.
It is comprised of four chapters that offer the most perceptive analyses in the volume, concerning, for example, the exploitation of the language of epic poetry by royalist propagandists.
BETWEEN THE LINES: The name game is very important to propagandists.
Evolution, he wrote, was ``gladly made use of by the proponents of communism to make of themselves defenders and propagandists of dialectical materialism and to take from minds every notion of God.