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Country: United States of America
State: Alabama

Land property House built in 1960's. Her house was built her house was built years late. My and myself own our house. But our neighbor storage house separates the 2 houses. My husband disputed with her. She got a surveyor and now says our fence is on her property and moves it with in 30 days. My husband says it is not surveyed correctly. Any advice, suggestions, tips. Help locating a inexpensive surveyor in Birmingham Alabama?


You may also file in court or threaten to arguing that the fence has been there so long that the boundaries have now actually changed legally.
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determination of the property boundaries of forest lands with the preparation of a geometric plan for the course of a designated or owner of a specified plot of land (or a geometric plan for the repair of the geometric and location determination of the real estate).
Crossbow regulations in some jurisdictions are based on age, disability, season dates and/or property boundaries.
Other features include search by species, search by location, show landownership, show property boundaries and find Lat/Long coordinates.
The goal is to identify rightful landowners, establish property boundaries and evaluate the affected properties.
The selection of zones for defense, when one should use them, distances from property boundaries to house perimeters, down to an internal defensive core that's the last line of defense for home owners is addressed in training here.
Hunters coming to the West from other parts of the country where property boundaries are routinely marked by fences often get fooled.
Someone with a weapon is not prepared to respect property boundaries nor the law.
The property boundaries are located less than ONE kilometre from several past producing gold mines or exploration projects on the Whitney Project, including the Broulan Reef Mine, the Reef Open Pit, the Mulholland Shaft Zone and the Banner Porcupine Shaft Zone.
Their topics include the royal dynasties of Dublin and the Isles in the 11th century, John Rocque's 1756 map of Dublin as a modern source for medieval property boundaries, and the communities of the religious houses of Tudor Dublin and their resistance to the 1537-41 dissolution.
A surveyor arrives at the home site and carefully measures the property boundaries to ensure that they are accurate--and to ensure that the buyer gets the area to which they are entitled.
COAST and Country Housing is seeking planning permission from Redcar and Cleveland Council to carry out fencing, repaving, lighting and work to property boundaries at Hill Crescent and Dorman Crescent, Dormanstown.
Because the Nile Valley flooded so often, Egyptian mapmakers needed to draw maps that dearly marked property boundaries.

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