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Country: United States of America
State: Alabama

Land property House built in 1960's. Her house was built her house was built years late. My and myself own our house. But our neighbor storage house separates the 2 houses. My husband disputed with her. She got a surveyor and now says our fence is on her property and moves it with in 30 days. My husband says it is not surveyed correctly. Any advice, suggestions, tips. Help locating a inexpensive surveyor in Birmingham Alabama?


You may also file in court or threaten to arguing that the fence has been there so long that the boundaries have now actually changed legally.
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As the days get warmer and people start to socialize in their gardens, we couldn't think of a better time to remind dog owners to check the access points to their home and garden - this includes looking for gaps in your fence and other property boundaries to keep your dog in and intruders out.
Just 20 to 30 minutes to point out property boundaries and Skyhunters can use satellite imagery to find the most beneficial hunting points to decrease property damage.
A detailed review of the relevant property boundaries for the Railroad-Pinion Project confirms Gold Standard's public disclosure regarding its ownership/control of its Railroad-Pinion Project is correct.
The current parking area to the front of the property would be reduced to form off-street parking for the residents while retaining the required right of access to an adjoining private house, Muirlands Schoolhouse and securing property boundaries.
Virtually all of the project activities are proposed within Transcos existing rights of way and/or property boundaries. Transco delivers natural gas to customers through its ,200-mile pipeline network, with a mainline extending nearly 1,00 miles between South Texas and New York City.
The bank's appraiser noted that the functional utility of two sheds would be severely restricted if the property were sold because the property boundaries were so close to the sheds that ingress and egress would not be possible without driving outside the boundaries of the property.
"Surveyors, mapping professionals and others use the NSRS to ensure their positional coordinates are compatible and accurate in the creation of maps and charts; marking property boundaries; and planning, designing, and building roads, bridges, and other structures." The GRACE system also assists the agriculture industry by providing detailed data on water supplies and irrigation systems.
The first line of defence is to make sure property boundaries are secure.
The scope of work includes electrical plant, equipment and systems (including pontoons), mechanical plant, equipment and systems (including pontoons), buildings and building fabrication elements, external infrastructure (within property boundaries), landscaping, housekeeping of all public areas and car parks, and waste removal and management.
Crossbow regulations in some jurisdictions are based on age, disability, season dates and/or property boundaries. Please consult the appropriate wildlife department for full details.

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