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A mild-mannered propoganda film (welcoming the Russians into the war) posing as a social satire.
And as propoganda momentum grows, tit-for-tat responses from both sides are probably only going to increase.
MOSKOVA (CyHAN)- The Islamic State plans to aim its propoganda at new regions as there are many Muslims in those areas who are not familiar with the group's violent ideology, which will make it easy to recruit followers, according to a report released by the Egyptian House of Fatwa.
Rajasthan BJP chief Ashok Parmani said the allegations were false propoganda against the party ahead of Bihar polls
s propoganda machine, which often recruits on the premise of potential recruits getting the opportunity to protect fellow Sunnis, falls apart when they realize they are pointing their guns at fellow Sunnis.
COVENTRY RYR media pundit Jon Gaunt might allow himself a wry smile at the outcome of MP Geoffrey Robinson's remark likening of the Chancellor to the Nazi's propoganda chief.
Style still reigned despite the restrictions and the editor of Votre Beaute wrote: "Every woman in Paris is a living propoganda poster" on the eve of the German invasion in 1940.
Misusing the name of Sardar for political propoganda as you chose to do at Patna rally with a deliberate untruth was a disrespect to his memory," Anand Sharma wrote in his letter to Modi.
Swyddi, swyddi, swyddi - dyna'r cwbl mae'r peiraint propoganda am inni glywed.
These extremists say the BBC is becoming a propoganda machine for the pro-choice lobby.
Propoganda speeches will be aired on radio and TV channels starting from June 5 and the propaganda period will be over as of 6 p.
Nisars baseless propoganda presence of parliamentarians during the Presidential address,she said that if they have majority,they should prove it in the House,and such claims should not be made in TV talk shows as this is against democratic norms.