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One who offers or proposes.

A proponent is a person who comes forward with an a item or an idea. A proponent supports an issue or advocates a cause, such as a proponent of a will.


noun abettor, advocate, ally, apologist, backer, benefactor, champion, defender, endorser, espouser, exponent, friend, justifier, partisan, patron, pleader, protector, seconder, spokesman, sponsor, subscriber, supporter, sympathizer, upholder, vindicator, votary
Associated concepts: proponent of a will
See also: advocate, apologist

PROPONENT, eccl. law. One who propounds a telling as "the party proponent doth allege and propound." 6 Eng. Ecclesiastical R. 356, n.

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Many proponents of intelligent design say they reject the notion of a young earth and refrain from tying their ideas to Biblical literalism.
Proponents of rescheduling concede that few case-controlled, double-blind studies have been performed on marijuana in its natural form.
When confronted with concerns that Americans might be prosecuted b the international court, ICC proponents argued that Americans would not have to worry because of a new principle they have invented with the fancy name of "complementarity.
In his opening remarks, U Tun Tun Naing, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Planning and Finance, mentioned that capable and well informed proponents are very important to further promote effective and efficient utilisation of the available resources in ASEAN.
Affirmative action proponents have already challenged the ban as unlawful and say they will do so in other states that may consider a similar ban in the future.
At the least, a prudent board might want to have the backing of the Discovery Institute, a Seattle-based nonprofit and a principal proponent of ID, which had distanced itself from the Dover defense, perhaps anticipating the loss.
Since the fourth and current wave, intelligent design, took hold in the early 1990s, its proponents have become increasingly vigorous, Terry says.
Well, some ID proponents are simply orthodox religious believers offended by the idea that science is religiously neutral.
In a cosmological sense, intelligent design proponents hold that the universe itself shows proof of God's handiwork, a claim naturalistic science can neither confirm nor refute.