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PROPOSAL. An offer for consideration or acceptance.
     2. It is a general rule that a proposal offered to another for acceptance may be withdrawn at any time before it is accepted, provided that notice of the withdrawal be given to the party to whom it was made. A bid (q.v.) may be withdrawn at any time before acceptance; and a proposal by letter may be withdrawn at any time before, acceptance 1 Pick. 278; and, if accepted, it must be, in the very terms offered. 3 Wheat. 225. Vide Bid; Correspondence; Letter; Offer.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In acting on proposals under section 3 of the BHC Act, the Board is required to consider the effects of the proposal on the convenience and needs of the communities to be served and to take into account the records of the relevant insured depository institutions under the Community Reinvestment Act ("CRA").
HPD is requesting proposals from developers to build more than 3,200 units citywide.
Chances are, your business is popping, but your business proposals aren't.
This commentary highlights problems evident to me as a reader of NSERC proposals, and attempts to disseminate information to the greater community, to remove some of the mystery behind decisions that come out of NSERC competitions.
The California Council on Teacher Education (CCTE) invites submission of research and best practice proposals for its semi-annual conferences, held each Fall in San Diego and each Spring in San Jose.
The MTNA Conference Program Committee requests the submission of proposals for the MTNA National Conference in Austin, Texas, March 25-29, 2006.
Chapin (a former director of the National Science Foundation Linguistics Program, and member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science), Research Projects And Research Proposals: A Guide For Scientists Seeking Funding is a no-nonsense, practical, methodically organized and "user friendly" guide to presenting professional-quality applications for grants and proposals.
On October 21, 2004, Tax Executives Institute sent the following comments to the Virginia General Assembly in response to a request for comments on legislative proposals that the Department of Taxation is considering for the 2005 session.
Carol Bowie, IRRC's director of corporate governance research, says that companies have taken concrete, responsive action on 67 of the 167 shareholder proposals (about 40 percent) that received majority support in 2003.
Each evaluator (or advisor) examines the proposals for his or her assigned area of responsibility.
Section 10 of the BOT law spells out the method by which an implementing agency-in this case the transportation department- should follow when there are two or more proposals for the same or similar project.