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PROPOSITUS. The person proposed. In making genealogical tables, the person whose relations it is desirous to find out, is called the propositus.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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A significant divide in the patterning of -1 generation terms (children and niblings) in Australia is whether they are organized around the gender of the propositus (woman's child vs.
pneumoniae genotype in at least 1 sample from our propositus patient while he was receiving treatment suggests that the A2063G mutation may have evolved de novo during therapy with azithromycin.
To consider a case as familial, there must be at least a second affected person in the family besides the propositus, and the disease must be present in at least two generations.
In the event of death of any son or daughter of the propositus before the opening of succession, the children of such son or daughter, if any, living at the time the succession opens, shall per stripes, receive a share equivalent to the share which such son or daughter, as the case may be, would have received if alive.
Second, to obtain the most comprehensive information, more than the person known to have FHCM (the propositus), meaning whole families, must be studied.
In addition, compelling evidence provided by previous population-based cohort studies indicated that the risk of IBD was increased eight- to tenfold among relatives of UC or CD propositus. Moreover, twin and family studies have suggested that when a child suffered from CD, the risk of developing CD in another sibling had increased 26-fold, compared with a 9-fold increase in UC [11].
Concomitant analysis of the [beta]-gene showed that the propositus carried the Hb D Punjab + IVSI -110 (G [right arrow] A) mutation.
Therefore, we stratified the single group analyses, including only the propositus of each family.
Part of exon h of the F9 gene (Xg27) and part of exon 1 (used as reference) of the [beta]-globin gene (11p15) were amplified by real-time PCR from DNA obtained from the propositus, the two related female patients, unaffected males (n = 5), and female noncarriers (n = 6).