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PROSCRIBED, civil law. Among the Romans, a man was said to be proscribed when a reward was offered for his head; but the term was more usually applied to those who were sentenced to some punishment which carried with it the consequences of civil death. Code, 9; 49.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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He added: "The UVF is a proscribed organisation and if their guys are behind this rioting they should be lifted and returned to prison if they are out on licence.
As supporters gathered in central London to celebrate the Proscribed Organisations Appeal Commission (POAC) decision, lawyer Stephen Grosz said: "This judgment is about as emphatic a condemnation that a court could give to a Government.
"A case was registered for Dalwan (Chahar-e-Sharief) encounter which happened on January 2 this year in which three terrorists affiliated with proscribed terror outfit Al-Badr were killed," it added.
Before the delegation's departure, the government revised its national risk assessment of the corporate sector, strengthened customs procedures on borders and inland movement of funds and assets and put nine more entities on the list of proscribed organisations to build a robust case of its exit from FATF's grey list.
A statement issued by the ministry on Saturday said: 'These organisations have been proscribed in pursuance of the National Action Plan (NAP).'
'The action taken against the proscribed organizations is our own decision adopted under the National Action Plan (NAP) and all political forces had signed the NAP in 2014.'
In a statement of late, Minister of State for Interior Shehryar Afridi had said the renewed campaign against proscribed organisations will continue until the intended objectives are not achieved.
Bacha Rehman S/O Masoom Jan.The convict was a member of proscribed organization.
The group was proscribed in June this year and has recruited many Western fighters, including some from Wales.
Islamic Path appears on a list of "proscribed terrorist groups", which the Home Office describes as "terrorist organisations [which] are currently proscribed under UK legislation and therefore outlawed in the UK".
Also proscribed by the order were foreign extremist groups the Baluchistan Liberation Army and Teyrebaz Azadiye Kurdistan.
Justice Girvan had held the RIRA, which carried out the Omagh bombing, was not a proscribed organisation under the Terrorism Act 2000.