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But in the videos, the ostensible target for proselytisation by both the Muslim and the Christian hero is not members of the other monotheism, but the 'unreached', usually represented as untouched pagans inhabiting a primitive, terror-ridden world.
Did Stoker cautiously write a novel promoting the proselytisation of Protestants to Catholicism in an era when to do so might be dangerous to an Irishman's health and/or freedom?
There is such a thing as proselytisation - the persuasion of those unsure of their sexuality.
Despite this, it is nonetheless striking that the regime reinforced the armed forces with some of the leaders of Al-Nour Party in order to talk with the militants and convince them to renounce the bearing of arms and join the proselytisation through persuasion movement.
The involvement of Staines in religious proselytisation does not, in any way, dilute the heinousness of Dara Singh's crime.
Consequently, we begin with the situation at Griffith University, where this problem is well advanced, before turning to a discussion of the history and nature of this Saudi program of global proselytisation.
It is responsible for a conversion or reformation--a proselytisation of the Other, to the Same/Self.
We learn also of the impending visit of Sir Nicholas Stern, coming here on a proselytisation tour to "sell" the hysterical conclusions of his report to the United Kingdom Government last November on the economics of climate change.