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But in the videos, the ostensible target for proselytisation by both the Muslim and the Christian hero is not members of the other monotheism, but the 'unreached', usually represented as untouched pagans inhabiting a primitive, terror-ridden world.
The possibility is addressed that Stoker, despite being considered a confirmed Protestant, wrote Dracula as an understated work of propaganda promoting the proselytisation of Protestants to Catholicism, and that the motion picture Van Helsing (2004), being a rare example of a screen adaptation so informed, suggests a foregrounding of this pro-Catholic sub-theme is possible.
The objective was not necessarily to become a martyr, but rather to ensure that Wahhabi proselytisation efforts did not impact upon the Shiite community and that they were prepared in case of a sectarian confrontation.
Brought up a Methodist and teaching Sunday School as a young man, Firth's opinions soon changed to a humanistic rationalism and he regretted the proselytisation of Tikopia.
Fromitsmass proselytisation which began with Phil Donahue in the 1970s to Oprah, its very language now permeates every aspect of our culture.
I think it's safe to say customer loyalty and proselytisation are closely allied to perception reinforcement or transformation.
The Kano Chronicle, in which this is noted, does not mention the presence of the pastoral groups who, "by the nature of their livelihood, might have arrived unnoticed in Hausaland before the Islamic proselytisation of the 12th century.
There is such a thing as proselytisation - the persuasion of those unsure of their sexuality.
However, unlike many of his 19th century forebears, proselytisation played no part in Yaji's exploits neither was he interested in empire-building or the retention by force of the loyalty of rebellious vassals.
When the bishops spoke about freedom to practice our faith did they refer to propagation, or proselytisation, as it is sometimes called?
Here, I narrow my analysis to the aspects of the monastery's programmes that focus on Buddhist proselytisation and the cultivation of Buddhist Thai identity.
8) In July of 2011, the Commonwealth Ombudsman issued a report critical of several aspects of the Program, including an alleged failure to properly articulate for chaplains the difference between allowable religious guidance and prohibited proselytisation.