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Represented by the Ministry of Information on the one hand and the Investment Authority on the other, the Government has indicated that it would relent only when the owners of these channels, perceived as touting religious radicalism, expelled agitators and proselytisers, who almost managed to sour the time-honoured relationship between
The video raised the eyebrows of parliamentarians and students, hundreds of whom protested on Monday outside Kabul University, calling for the alleged proselytisers to be brought to justice.
Well-organised Islamist proselytisers are consolidating their position within the informal structures of power behind walls.
Wilfried Wagner's chapter on the interaction of early German missionaries with the Toba Batak people demonstrates the clear belief amongst the proselytisers that the Christianisation of the Toba Batak would also lead away from tribalism to a collective consciousness as a Volksgemeinschaft (national community).
His main sources are the classic ancient Greek and Roman texts, and the writings of `Dark Age' and medieval Christian proselytisers.
The proselytisers for work should bear firmly in mind that there is work -- and there is work.