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Hedges spent two years researching the movement, concluding as a result of his time spent with the proselytizers at their conferences and recruiting sessions that Dominionists seek to politicize faith by teaching that "American Christians have been mandated by God to make America a Christian state .
Gorman Stokes said a lot of students have "never caught up with the liberations of the Second Vatican Council" and she believes that until they do, there will continue to be proselytizers on campus.
In his journal, he argued that the westernizers were more dangerous than Christian proselytizers.
We are each, in our own ways, relentless proselytizers for the glories of libraries and literacy and proclaimers of the continuum of library service that provides support for information competence throughout one's lifetime.
Let us all be proselytizers for democracy and encourage everyone of voting age we know and everyone they know to get out and vote.
It seems to me that Canon Michael Patterson is lumping our Pentecostal brothers and sisters in with Jehovah's Witnesses as "aggressive proselytizers.
Since, as Amis admits, "all artist-critics are to some extent secret proselytizers for their own work," the figures of whom he writes most lovingly are quite naturally those to whom he feels the closest affinity.
There are also dualities that run the span of societal failure, where, for instance we see the uninvited proselytizers from a white culture's home-baked religion confronting the malaise of reservation alcoholics.
Bridging the gulf of selfinfection and malpractice, medical doctors are indeed the primary proselytizers of medical and surgical intervention.
I forget the name of the place now, but recall making my away around huge pries of the relics of poets and proselytizers now long dead--including stacks of old religious tracts that I couldn't imagine anyone ever wanting to read.
Scientists sometimes view such colleagues as publicity-seeking proselytizers who have strayed from the careful and orderly methods of experiment and verification into the murky, opinionated, and riotously ignorant realm of policy and politics.
Indeed, it should come as no surprise if garden columnists view themselves as preachers or even proselytizers, urging their readers to convert or transform bland segments of their gardens by planting with more interesting or exotic species.