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Stahnke (1999) distinguishes the following elements in the right to proselytism: 1) the right of the proselytizer to manifest his or her religion and engage in free expression, 2) the right of the target of proselytism to change his or her religion, to receive information about religions, to be protected from injury to religious feelings and to maintain his or her religious identity, and 3) the right of the state to protect the dominant religious tradition and to maintain public order.
More actively engaged Reformation proselytizers appeared to create novels about the pre-Protestant life of John Wycliffe and the Lollards (1328-1384).
In all probability, Riis and others like him regarded themselves as democratic proselytizers whose business it was to arouse the masses to their natural aesthetic potential.
atheism are whether you should pretend to be religious to avoid upsetting your family, prayer in schools, discrimination against atheists and how to get rid of unwanted proselytizers.
Those people are proselytizers," says Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, head of the Ateret Yerushalayim Yeshiva.
To make a pilgrimage to Fort Worth to see these wondrous things, some made by the earliest followers in our faith, may not be possible, but to study the splendid photographs and to read of their origins is to enter into an intangible sense of fraternity with these folk, ordinary people, the first proselytizers, as well as later on from 312 A.
In response to a question about finding religious proselytizers knocking on his front door, Frohnmayer said, "I actually admire them, even if I would never adopt their religious views.
but most remained faithful to the world of the Nouvelle Revue Francaise, which had admirable proselytizers in Cyril Connolly and Raymond Mortimer.
They don't want to come across as proselytizers, Wilson says.
The camp's likable founder, Becky Fischer, talks about her mission to indoctrinate children to form an army of proselytizers to "take back America for Christ.
We don't still sell indulgences," she says, pointing out an old canard often raised by evangelical proselytizers.