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Probably more than 100 Worcester residents died of heat prostration and sunstroke, and many more in the county.
The physical prostrations of salah has many health benefits but they are beyond the reach of those suffering from stiff and aching joints caused by sedentary lifestyles and old age.
The official leaders with their puritanical creed find some of the rituals which have flowered alongside the vaunted Hajj pilgrimage over the centuries--such as prostrations at the tomb of the Prophet Mohammed--to be a bit disconcerting.
These robust gestures of Muslim prayer, the profound prostrations, and the expressiveness of its postures are often contrasted, I find, with many Christian rituals in which movement and gesture has been reduced to an embarrassing minimum - the involvement of the body sacrificed, as it were, to a greater reliance on words - to substitute - and to explain symbols that have now become so vestigial that they can no longer speak for themselves.
Manama Dubai's Grand Mufti has rejected prostrations during football matches, saying that they were contrary to Islamic law.
A sprawling tree and under it monk after monk, in maroon and red, rising and falling in a rigorous series of prostrations.
Leh, Mar 20 (ANI): Hundreds of Buddhists in Ladakh recently performed mass prostrations to mark the first sermon by Lord Buddha.