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Triptykon's trips to the darkside come with the full black metal imagery and the intensity is unlikely to be any less when Ireland's pagan protaganists Primordial take to a UK stage for the first time in more than two decades.
Although the behaviour of the protaganists was at times confusing and a little unbelievable (would a grown man really stare at video images of his daughter while at work in this day and age?
Bulkington A defeated Division Two leaders Atherstone Grove A by 13 shots in which Terry Price 21-6 and Bob Evans 21-8 were the main protaganists for the village outfit.
Ian McLennan, the man behind the event, explains: ``We have three main protaganists in the Glencoe massacre arguing their cases and with the pipes and drums, the music,dance and song it makes for a rousing and emotional night.
Czech Velvet Generation filmmaker Alice Nellis summed up the difference saying, "In America, hero protaganists fight something outside.
In addition to the three Arab characters Al Shaykh includes an Englishman, Nicholas, among the main protaganists.
The boom in low-cost, European airlines, formed in the wake of market deregulation, is spurring a sharp increase in advertising budgets as the protaganists battle to carve out brand identities in an increasingly competitive environment.
In such a hot looking heat there could be something to floor the main protaganists and it just might be Tabassum on her seasonal debut who won first time out as a youngster and has some very good formlines with Music Show.
THE QUALIFYING rounds of the Coventry & District Mens League's Wal Prescott Midweek Merit takes place over eight local greens on Wednesday with most of the area's leading protaganists among almost 80 entries with their sights on the grand final a fortnight later.
Oklahoma Lark may set the pace on the inner, but is vulnerable as they make for home and is likely to be swamped by the two main protaganists.
Structuring her novel like a dramatic play, Khalifa sets most of the action in a single room of Nouzha's house, where the book's protaganists confront each other, two by two.