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Flynn MF, Lyman RD, Prentice-Dunn S (1995) Protection motivation theory and adherence to medical regimens for muscular dystrophy.
What to convey in antismoking advertisements for adolescents: The use of protection motivation theory to identify effective message themes, Journal of Marketing, 67(2), 1-18.
Table 3 Protection motivation theory and intention means for follow-up
As a theoretical framework, scholars have employed Rogers' protection motivation theory (1975, 1983) to explain risky behavior and to develop effective messages in an effort to prevent such behavior.
In line with the protection motivation theory (8), a measure of risk perception was constructed by multiplication of seriousness (scale 1-10) and vulnerability (scale 1-5).
Our research contributes to the growing literature using protection motivation theory and social cognitive theory to understand privacy behaviors (Rifon, LaRose and Lewis 2007; Milne, Cromer and Culnan 2006; LaRose and Rifon 2007a) by examining how self-efficacy affects (1) maladaptive and adaptive shopping behaviors and (2)protective and risky computer-based behaviors outside of an experimental context with a large sample of US online shoppers.

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