protective order

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Protective Order

A court order, direction, decree, or command to protect a person from further harassment, Service of Process, or discovery.

A protective order can limit the time and place where a deposition can be taken, restrict the inspection of documents in the possession of a party, or regulate or modify the enforcement of a judgment.

protective order

noun defense, guard against danger, order of protection, order to ensure safety, protection against a danger, refuge, safeguard, safety, sanctuary, security, shelter, shield, tempooary restraining order
Associated concepts: family law and domestic violence protective orders, restraining order
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Courts in this camp hold that on a motion for a protective order, the party seeking protection carries the burden to show "good cause" why the deposition should be prohibited.
Using redacted filings to keep within the bounds of the protective order, intervenor counsel can often go back to the awardee for support of a specific argument in response to the protester's allegations.
If clients already have access to documents subject to a proposed expansive protective order, it may not be in their best interests to fight the order.
Clients should be advised to give a copy of their protective order to a friend for safekeeping and to keep a copy with them all times.
When an apex official is noticed for deposition in Florida, the responding party may file a motion for protective order under Fla.
22) The intangible property interest is crucial because by establishing a property interest in information covered by a protective order, a court may justify a restraining order on the grounds of protecting private property, even in the face of a legitimate First Amendment claim.
The largest group of cases LSC-funded attorneys work are family law cases, which often include victims of domestic violence seeking to extricate themselves from dangerous situations, secure protective orders and gain custody of children.
Plaintiffs move via Order to Show Cause ("OSC"), for an Order pursuant to CPLR [section] [section] [section] 2304, 2303, and 311, quashing defendants judicial subpoena duces tecum and granting plaintiffs a protective order pursuant to CPLR [section] 3103(a).
He has previously been charged with assaulting ex-girlfriends and breached a protective order last year.
5) In the seminal case on this issue, upon striking a constitutional challenge to the entry of a protective order, the Supreme Court of Washington stated that "the effective administration of justice does not require dissemination beyond that which is needed for litigation of the case.
violence misdemeanants and persons subject to a protective order.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Baltimore's top prosecutor plans to seek a protective order that would block the release of Freddie Gray's autopsy report and other documents, a report said.

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