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The boy, also, after a week or two of mental disquiet, began to gratify his protectors by many inadvertent proofs that he considered them as parents, and their house as home.
In the forefront of her protectors stood the giant Mugambi.
As the lions swarmed over her protectors, Bertha Kircher shrank back in the cave in a momentary paralysis of fright super-induced, perhaps, by the long days of terrific nerve strain which she had undergone.
Who may define it--that inherent chivalry that renders certain men the natural protectors of women?
Besides, I have eight of the best protectors in the world- -my sailors.
said Falleix, "do men of merit need protectors and influence to get places in the government service?
A man-at-arms on either side of the doorway were the sole protectors of the royal dwelling.
And what do you say, now that the life of our protectors is made out to be far better and nobler than that of Olympic victors-- is the life of shoemakers, or any other artisans, or of husbandmen, to be compared with it?
So the fags were without their lawful masters and protectors, and ridden over rough-shod by a set of boys whom they were not bound to obey, and whose only right over them stood in their bodily powers; and, as old Brooke had prophesied, the house by degrees broke up into small sets and parties, and lost the strong feeling of fellowship which he set so much store by, and with it much of the prowess in games and the lead in all school matters which he had done so much to keep up.
Safie was always gay and happy; she and I improved rapidly in the knowledge of language, so that in two months I began to comprehend most of the words uttered by my protectors.
The scabs and their protectors made a stand, drawing revolvers.
I was guided by my father, because I had always found him the truest of all advisers, the best and fondest of all protectors and friends.