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She says she has grown increasingly frustrated with how area churches have become too "modernized and Protestantized," citing more tolerance for homosexuality and contraception.
They discuss how Catholic schools in America were originally founded to protect the religious and ethnic heritage of immigrant Catholics, who did not feel safe in the heavily Protestantized public school system.
Heeding a 2001 directive approved by the late Pope John Paul II to correct errors and omissions in the language of public worship worldwide -- and following years of complaints from a segment of Catholics that the English-language Mass became a watered-down, Protestantized version of the Latin it replaced -- the proposed revisions are intended to reflect a more precise translation from the Latin.
But this caveat aside, the core of Huntington's case is convincing: "Americanization" has always required two shifts, one from an ancestral language to English, and the other from an ancestral religion either to Protestantism itself or to a Protestantized version of the original faith (think of Reform Judaism or "cafeteria Catholicism").