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It secures its power by welcoming all into its tent and by suffusing its perfume throughout society through the medium of Sittlichkeit, protestantizing even adherents to other faiths.
To begin work on the schema De fontibus revelationis, Sebastian Tromp, secretary of the Preparatory Theological Commission, composed on July 18, 1960, a primum tentamen of theses treating Scripture and tradition (the sources of revelation), biblical inerrancy, literary genres, gospel historicity, and the Protestantizing danger of a theology based solely on Scripture to the neglect of tradition and the Magisterium.
Meanwhile a number of protestantizing bishops grew bolder, began to destroy statues and images, and gave orders to remove altars (meant for sacrifice) and replace them with tables (meant for meals).
In the same way, Shagan overreads other pragmatic gestures by Tudor parishioners, seeing in them internal and inexorable collaborations with the process of Protestantizing which the evidence will not bear.
Foregrounding this distinctiveness means fostering a culture of life by shoring up orthodoxy against consumerism and moral relativism outside the church, while resisting Protestantizing elements within the church itself in theology, liturgy and religious education.