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In the year to September 30 Proteus achieved turnover of PS1.
Testing included 254 people using the system for a collective 3,828 days involving patients being treated for tuberculosis, congestive heart failure and hypertension, Proteus said.
Proteus runs an unlimited number of sites and lines from a single PC server.
Proteus can be easily configured for new technologies and workflows, including user-level configurations without programming skills.
Proteus chairman Matt Beverley, says: "Where there has been the choice of both roadster and coupe versions of a sports car such as the Jaguar XK 120, 140, 150 and E-Type, many have opted for the hard top so it will be interesting to see people's reaction to the car that Jaguar never built.
But because his activities were being monitored by Proteus, supervisors were able to determine exactly where his Internet excursion had taken him.
In seeking regulatory permission to construct the pipeline, Proteus asked the FERC to allow the company to act as a contract carrier, hold an open season, enter into long-term transportation contracts and contract on a first-come, first-serve basis for capacity that remains available after the open season closes.
The unique combination of the proprietary know how and technologies of both the CEA-LETI and Proteus is targeting the development of the novel tools for high throughput functional analysis of the genome the industry is demanding in this post genomic era.
Savage, co-founder and chief medical officer at Proteus Digital Health.
com)-- Eagle Technology announces the next release of their Proteus MMX software.
It is not for animals, however, but for the Proteus Reptile Trust, the largest reptile rescue sanctuary in the UK.
Northrop Grumman used Scaled Composite's Proteus jet to drop a 500-pound dummy bomb in a test for a medium-altitude, long-endurance unmanned aircraft.