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has completed two sets of tests, using the Proteus unmanned vehicle as a test bed.
Plans call for Proteus to install two subsea access connection facilities on the system to accommodate future production facilities.
The unique combination of the proprietary know how and technologies of both the CEA-LETI and Proteus is targeting the development of the novel tools for high throughput functional analysis of the genome the industry is demanding in this post genomic era.
PHOTO : Harland's Proteus label applicator seen at Cookie Man
Proteus' fickle admiration annoys rather than pleases her, and she stands so firm in her love for Valentine that his generous offer of her to Proteus seems almost intolerable.
Proteus CMMS uses intelligent integration with other digital factory software, such as manufacturing execution systems, supply chain software and ERP software.
Net proceeds from the notes may be used by the company primarily for the purpose of partially financing the construction of the Deepwater Proteus.
Tetra Tech Proteus was the lead designer throughout the engineering phase of the project and installed additional equipment into a constrained footprint on an existing mine site.
The US Food and Drug Administration has expanded the indications for the latest generation of US-based medical device maker Proteus Digital Health, Inc.
Proteus plans to use the money to advance the manufacturing and commercialisation of its digital medicines, a new category of products that integrates medicines with ingestible, wearable, mobile and cloud computing.
Proteus said that the product is being further developed as part of its integrated intelligent medicine system to link sensor-based formulations of pharmaceutical products to individualised physiologic response and outcomes-based treatment systems.
Gary Foster, a business banking partner at Yorkshire Bank's Birmingham Financial Solutions Centre, who helped Proteus with financial support, said: "Proteus Software is performing very well on an international level, and has been doing so for a long time.