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protoplasts of sunflower and paved the way for using protoplasts as an ideal system for sunflower regeneration in vitro.
Plant regeneration from mesophyll protoplasts of the Egyptian medicinal plants Artemisia judaica L.
2] concentration may affect the regeneration potential of plant protoplast.
By the late free microspore or young pollen grain stages, the degenerated remains of the tapetal cells are found at the edge the locular cavity [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURES 2, 62, 70, 77 OMITTED], or the remains of the degenerating protoplasts may invade the locule and surround the microspores or pollen grains, as in Dianella [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURES 54-56 OMITTED].
In 1971 Carniel stressed in his work on Eleocharis that only mature Ubisch bodies become free as a result of tapetal protoplast degeneration.
Photosynthetic studies with mesophyll protoplasts from Notonia grandiflora, a crassulacean acid metabolism plant.
2[Alpha]] on the electrofusion of pea mesophyll protoplasts.
Collar-like accumulations of callose are deposited at the site of a plasmodesma interconnecting the protoplasts on the two sides of the cell wall.
Experiments to release protoplasts by enzyme digestion have yielded indirect evidence that the cell wall at the tip of growing root hairs has different properties than that of the rest of the hair.
Cellulases and pectinases, generally derived from certain wood-degrading fungi, capable of dissolving the intercellular components and cell wall, are routinely used to release protoplasts from the tissues and organs of different plants and especially their aseptically derived and cultured tissues and cells (Fitter & Krikorian, 1983; Evans & Bravo, 1983).