Provided alcohol to underage

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Country: United States of America
State: Virginia

A month ago, my girl friend who is 22 had a party when your parents were out of town. Another friend wanted me to ask that friend if I could invite some other friends- one that I went on a couple dates with and I have not seen for a year and a half. He is 20, but at that time I was not exactly sure if he was of age or not. A cop came and my friend let the cop come into the house. The cop found the underage guy and he lied about his age, making himself younger than he actually is. My friend that was the host of the party did not know him and let him get arrested. Well, yesterday was his court date. He said for him to get less jail days, he had to tell who gave him alcohol. He said his friend and I did. I am not aware of giving him some. I bought margarita for only me. I believe he had a sip from my cup, and later, poured himself a cup. He mostly drank what he brought into the house (the host did not supply him). He said the cops will come to my house today and a rarest me. Is this true? He apparently also told the court that we chill a lot, which is not true. I have not seen him since the day after the party where I gave him his IDs back that he hid (which I was not aware of till he asked me to get them for him the next day). I was not sure of his age, and although, yes I knew he was drinking, and had some of my drink, I did not personally give it to him, that I am aware of. This was a month ago. I am 23 by the way, and still live with my parents. I have had no other charges in my life. I will be at work tomorrow, so I may not be here, and I am not sure if the police will come or not?


If charges are eventually filed, make sure you get counsel (or at least the public defender) to try to keep this off your record eventually--jail time is not likely but having that on your record will make job-hunting etc. very difficult. It may also help to gather up any evidence you have, such as where you where etc.
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The college is putting in place tough penalties for students who are found with alcohol on campus, and for anyone found to have bought or provided alcohol to underage students.