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SYNOD. An ecclesiastical assembly.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Meeting at Lusignan in Poitou during September 1666, the delegates to the provincial synod celebrated a fast.
(80) The affair continued to be an issue, as Oomius had to report to the classis in 1693 that he had talked to the bailiff of Emmeloord about the "registrations and weddings of the popish in Emmeloord." (81) During the years that Oomius was a member of the Provincial Synod of Overijssel, regular requests were made to the government concerning the "wickedness of the popish," (82) and objecting to such things as the sending of children to Catholic schools.
He also served on provincial synod and was a member of the Council of General Synod and national committees.
Coffin was elected on the second ballot in an electronic vote by provincial synod members at the end of May.
This move enjoyed the full support of Archbishop David Ashdown and the synod of Keewatin, the co-operation of neighbouring dioceses and the full endorsement of the provincial synod.
CoGS gave its approval "subject to consent being given to these changes by the Executive Council of the Ecclesiastical Province of Rupert's Land as authorized by the Provincial Synod."
"Even at our provincial synod, we didn't have enough time to cover everything in the depth that it deserved, and that meeting was about the same length," she says." I can't imagine fitting all the necessary business of two national church entities into four and a half days!" On balance, however, Goldie appreciates the advantages of streamlining.
The 47th session of the provincial synod, held in Brandon, Man., June 7 to 10, unanimously approved a resolution from the diocese of Keewatin to divide the diocese and create a fully independent indigenous diocese from the portion known as the northern Ontario region.
Delegates to the September 2012 provincial synod will consider this possibility as one of several motions from the province's governance task force aimed at reforming church structures to enhance mission.
THE DIOCESE OF Moosonee will become a mission area of the ecclesiastical province of Ontario if the Ontario provincial synod approves a draft canon.
Bishop Tom Corston of Moosonee says he fully supports the decision made by the diocese's synod to become a mission area under the jurisdiction of the Ontario provincial synod.
COLIN JOHNSON was elected metropolitan of the ecclesiastical province of Ontario at the provincial synod in Cochrane, Ont.

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