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SYNOD. An ecclesiastical assembly.

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The Huguenot literary figure Jean Rou, imprisoned in the Bastille during the mid-1670s, noted that the provincial Synod of the Ile-de-France had called for a fast on April 3, 1676, the Friday before Easter.
The provincial synod that assembled at Chatillon-sur-Loire announced a fast for early November 1657: Gers, 23015, 23 novembre 1601, 19 mai 1623, Archives Departementales du Gers, Auch.
105) As late as 1671, the provincial Synod admonished the Kampen church council to remain diligent in insisting that the civic government require Anabaptists to be married in the Reformed Church and, following the example of Zwolle, not to permit any Socinian Anabaptists to reside in the city.
In July 1600 the provincial Synod of Steenwijk decided to press their case once again in the provincial States, urging that the civil authorities should be made to prohibit Anabaptist conventicles from being held either in cities or in the countryside.
The appointment remains in place until an election is held at the next meeting of the provincial synod, scheduled in June, 2009.
By summarily expressing the opinion that it affirms the 'sanctity' of committed adult same-sex relationships," the bishops said, the synod appeared to pre-empt the work of the diocesan and provincial synods over the next three years.
These elections, in differing proportions, paid lip servic e to the rule of the order, the pronouncements of popes and councils, the dictates of provincial synods, and the customs of the convent and locale.
Sunshine's key sources for this book include early Protestant ecclesiastical histories, many (but not all) of the oldest consistory registers and decisions of provincial synods, and above all the conclusions of the eight national synods held between 1559 and 1572.
Perhaps, but the simple fact is that we know almost nothing about how many aristocratic churches, if any, operated outside the system of national and provincial synods.
appropriately discusses several important topics: patriarchates, provincial synods, ecumenical councils, conciliarism, French and German episcopalism, the nomination of bishops, and the establishment of dioceses.
The Canadian church would be better served if it abolished General Synod and worked only through provincial synods, said an observer at the provincial council meeting of the Ecclesiastical Province of Canada.
The Council of General Synod heard that" the task force on the role of the primacy wants to seek time in all four provincial synods where it can invite delegates to contribute their thoughts on what the role of a primate should be.

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