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Temporary; not permanent. Tentative, contingent, preliminary.

A provisional civil service appointment is a temporary position that fills a vacancy until a test can be properly administered and statutory requirements can be fulfilled to make a permanent appointment.

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The index for 'mineral oils' group declined by 3.1 pc to 91.4 (provisional) from 94.3 (provisional) for the previous month due to lower price of LPG (15 pc), ATF (7 pc), petroleum coke (4 pc), kerosene and furnace oil (2 pc each) and petrol (1 pc).
* To evaluate and compare the marginal accuracy of provisional crowns fabricated using chemically polymerized PMMA acrylic resin (powder-liquid system) by the direct and indirect technique.
However, he urged the federal government to apprise the court about possible implications of granting provisional provincial status to G-B.
Back to the provisional ball it is always advisable to play a provisional ball if there is a possibility that the original ball may be lost.
The MP for Francistown South, Mr Wynter Mmolotsi had asked the minister to state the number of academic courses that were still under provisional accreditation but offered to government sponsored students at Botho University, ABM University and Gaborone Institute of Professional Studies in Gaborone.
All those members, who have paid down payment, have been issued only provisional allotment letters as per policy of the society, it said.
He noted that the Constitution states South Korean receives the mantle of the provisional government.
The information of a provisional 'upgrade' of the debt (from 'D' to 'investment grade') would be primarily meant for banks and RBI.
The provisional rating assigned to the subordinated debt obligations of Odeabank is positioned two notches below the bank's adjusted baseline credit assessment (BCA) of ba3, in line with Moody's standard notching guidance for subordinated debt with loss triggered at the point of non-viability, on a contractual basis.
provisional application, up to two utility model applications outside the U.S., and potentially even a U.S.
Phytocannabinoid therapies company India Globalization Capital (IGC) reported on Tuesday that it has currently has filed several US provisional patents related to the use of cannabinoid extracts and intends to continue to expand its intellectual property portfolio under its health care strategy.
| FOOTBALL: Michel Platini has filed an "urgent" appeal at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) that his 90-day provisional ban be lifted.

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