Provisional seizure

PROVISIONAL SEIZURE. A term used in Louisiana, which signifies nearly the same as attachment of property.
     2. It is regulated by the Code of Practice as follows, namely: Art. 284. The plaintiff may, in certain caws, hereafter provided, obtain the provisional seizure of the property which he holds in pledge, or on which he has a privilege, in order to secure the payment of his claim.
     3. Art. 285. Provisional seizure may be ordered in the following cases: 1. In executory proceedings, when the plaintiff sues on a title importing confession of judgment. 2. When a lessor prays for the seizure of furniture or property used in the house, or attached to the real estate which he has leased. 3. When a seaman, or another person, employed on board of a ship or water craft, navigating within the state, or persons having furnished materials for, or made repairs to such ship or water craft, prays that the same may be seized, and prevented from departing, until he has been paid the amount of his claim.
     4. When the proceedings are in rem, that is to say, against the thing itself, which stands pledged for the debt, when the property is abandoned, or in cases where the owner of the thing is unknown or absent. Vide 6 N. S. 168; 8 N. S. 320; 7 N. S. 153; 1 Martin, R. 168; 12 Martin, R. 32.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In response to the Public Prosecution Office's orders, the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism's (MOICT) 'Companies Control' and 'Consumer Protection' Directorates imposed 'a provisional seizure' on a vendor levying VAT without displaying a registration certificate following a complaint raised by a citizen.
A PROVISIONAL seizure of two bank guarantees has been quashed by the High Administrative Court.
Provisional seizure of a debtor's moveable assets will now be governed by a new ruling which establishes three conditions under which the seizure of assets and real estate / property may be accomplished.
Seizure of 'Canadian' biodiesel shipment extended, says European industry: The provisional seizure of the 10,000 tonne biodiesel cargo in the port of Venice has been turned into a definitive seizure by an Italian judge, according to the industry group the European Biodiesel Board.
BEIRUT: The Execution Bureau of Beirut, a body of inspectors operating as part of the Lebanese judiciary, applied a provisional seizure of property for New TV in compliance with the decision of the Court of Publications, a judicial report said on Thursday.
8 and lodged a 1.42 billion yen damages suit against him with the Aomori District Court, demanding provisional seizure of his property.
The ruling permits the provisional seizure of the defendants' assets.
The Dubai Appeals Court had earlier rejected Maysoun's request to place the IT company's management and administration under provisional seizure.
Dubai A court yesterday rejected a Lebanese business woman's request to place an IT company under provisional seizure.
Dubai A judge yesterday rejected a Lebanese businesswoman's request to place under provisional seizure an IT company, whose ownership was subject to dispute before the criminal courts.
We have discussed those issues with the departments and everything is being put in order aACA* for instance communicating with the Lands Department concerning provisional seizures on properties and communicating with RTA concerning seizure of cars and communicating with the police regarding travel bans or other required actions," said Al Mansouri.
The unique control room will help in implementing rulings and/or decisions pertaining to provisional seizures, travel bans or other decisions justly and swiftly, according to Taresh Eid Al Mansouri, DCD Director-General.
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