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If IP address tracking is required, the address will lead to one of two places: a proxy server or an Internet service provider.
Although the capacities of traditional proxy servers are quite limited in this regard, technology vendors now offer new, scalable appliance-based Internet management systems that integrate a wide variety of functions, including those necessary for effective, flexible and comprehensive enforcement of access policies.
The proxy server has mappings that point to the content server inside the firewall.
Scalability -- The SiteMinder proxy server agent will provide customers with a highly scalable solution for complex configurations.
Given the increase of proxy servers and peering applications such as Skype[TM], many network administrators believe that analysis of user behavior is necessary to achieve effective content management.
There are envisioned to be two underlying requirements for SIP Proxy Servers in the market.
Every Internet connection goes through the proxy server, which is on a second NT server.
The innovative approach for integration from esxRanger Professional leverages a memory extraction engine to bypass the need to stage data on the actual proxy server, increasing the speed of the backup process by up to 300 percent and minimizing disk storage requirements.
5, the newest offering in Radiant Logic's patented and award-winning RadiantOne virtual directory solutions, acts as an LDAP proxy server or a web service to offer a common authentication and directory layer for applications requiring secure access to a variety of back ends running under different security domains.
July 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Secure Computing Corporation (Nasdaq: SCUR) today announced availability of a 250 user version of SmartFilter(TM) as an add-on to Microsoft Proxy Server 2.
16 /PRNewswire/ -- KeyStone Learning Systems today introduced a three-video training course on Microsoft(R) Proxy Server 2.
VoiceCenter 6 includes Voxeo's time-proven CCXML SIP proxy server, in use at production facilities by Voxeo's customers since 2002.