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Prudential Realty will be using eVisit Analyst ePortal to provide a live window for each of its 5,000 agents, to show numbers of visitors, requested web pages and traffic patterns on their individual websites.
a New York pension fund adviser, bought Bluffside Mirage Apartments in Studio City from Prudential Realty Group for $11 million.
Jones served as investment manager/assistant to the chairman of Prudential Realty Group and later as a general manager of a $400 million commercial real estate portfolio in the Northwest for Prudential Realty Group.
The Institute has partnered with some of the top companies in the industry, including RE/MAX International and Prudential Realty.
24 Prudential Realty Associates Full-service commercial broker
Jacobsohn has also held finance positions at Major League Baseball and The Prudential Realty Group.
As owner, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Prudential Realty, he created one of the largest real estate brokerage firms in the nation, with operations in California, Nevada and Texas.
McKenzie was Vice President, Investment & Sales at Prudential Realty Group, a subsidiary of Prudential Insurance Company of America.
Morgan, Odyssey Associates, The Prudential Realty Group, Standard & Poor's Corporation and Grubb & Ellis.
Prior to joining the Pliskin Realty, served as director of sales with Prudential Realty.
He served as director of acquisitions for Kensington Advisors, as a loan specialist for Household International and worked in the acquisition department of Prudential Realty Group.

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