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PATENT, PRUSSIAN. This subject will be considered by taking a view of the persons who may obtain patents; the nature of the patent; and the duration of the right.
     2.-Sec. 1, Of the persons who may obtain patents. Prussian citizens or subjects are alone entitled to a patent. Foreigners can not obtain one.
     3.-Sec. 2. Nature of the patents. Patents are granted in Prussia for an invention when the thing has been discovered or invented by the applicant. For an improvement, when considerable improvement has been made to a thing before known. And for importation, when the thing has been brought from a foreign country and put in use in the kingdom. Patents may extend over the whole country or only over a particular part.
     4.-Sec. 3. Duration of patents. The patent may at the choice of the applicant, be for any period not less than six months nor more than fifteen years.

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An ultramontane-like Prussian Protestantism that looked to Berlin was the critical component in the Oldenberg formula because it insured control and loyalty since it was obvious that Konigsberg had failed.
He greatly expanded Prussian territorial claims, adding Silesia through the Seven Years War of 1756-63 and West Prussia by means of the partition of Poland he brokered among Prussia, Austria, and Russia in 1772.
In Old Prussian society an unusually great importance was placed on "spiritual intelligence" and on the high priests and priestesses.
1866 p" (the Chassepot), the French were no match for Prussian armies.
Prussian academic medicine operated according to a militarized structure.
Prussian Eagle: can turn tables with Mullins runner
The scraps were smeared into the centre of the glass slides & immediately fixed in 90% alcohol for one hour, then stained with Perls' Prussian blue stain (which consist of Potassium ferrocyanide and HCl) which reacts with the ferritin in the cells to form blue coloured granules.
40) can go to Godolphin's PRUSSIAN, who has her first start for Saeed Bin Suroor after previous trainer Mahmood Al Zarooni was warned off for eight years for steroid abuse.
PRUSSIAN can make the long journey from North Yorkshire worthwhile by claiming the pounds 32 Free At 32Red.
Mennonite German Soldiers: Nation, Religion, and Family in the Prussian East, 1772-1880.
All five of Parker's characteristics of the western way of war can be applied when examining the rise of the large, nationally sponsored armies of Napoleon's France and the Prussian Empire.
On November 28, one such unit of three brigades of Prussian regulars--comprising 9,000 men and 70 artillery pieces--were resting in the Canton of Beaune-la-Rolande when they were attacked by 60,000 French troops supported by 140 cannons.