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Decisions opposing pseudonym use cite the lack of authority allowing it, while courts allowing the use of pseudonyms point out the lack of a ban," according to an Arkansas Law Review article.
Data protection agency in Schleswig-Holstein said that the policy violates German laws that give people the right to use pseudonyms online.
So much so that the sisters have been given pseudonyms that staff, interviewers, presenters, receptionists and hotel flunkies have been told to use so that their trip remains top secret.
The 52-year-old Gateshead author used a host of pseudonyms to befriend vile paedophiles who had abducted and murdered children.
You probably noticed that some authors of anagrams use pseudonyms.
This is the 5th edition of a dictionary of pseudonyms last updated in 2004.
Mr R A Vant should not be getting uptight about readers using pseudonyms or not having replies to his letters published.
The court cited New York's rape shield law, which does not allow the use of pseudonyms, as well as Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 10 (a), requiring "all parties" to be named, and 17(a), requiring that the "real party in interest" bring forth claims.
In contrast, users on Mixi and user bulletin board 2Channel use pseudonyms as a matter of course.
Along the way, we meet many of the major and minor players (all under humorous pseudonyms, of course) in the development of the theory and some of the disciplines (e.
He had used a number of female pseudonyms of various ages," she said.
Atherton considers Harwood's pseudonyms as having a far greater purpose than being just a name to publish under; she openly admits to 'appropriating' subpersonality theory from its intended discipline, yet the appropriation is not without a justifiable reason.