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In light of concerns raised in the House (of Commons) today, we will look into alternatives to the use of pseudonyms, but we are clear that our priority is the security of our staff," he added.
Enthusiast Sutton includes the particulars for each pseudonym and recording, which is no small feat in such cases as the Majestic Dance Orchestra or Eddie Gordon's Band, and also supplies the legal names of performers and the label groups, along with selected references and a performer index.
who was blacklisted and fired after someone told the HUAC that he was a member of the Communist Party, wrote numerous films under pseudonyms during the blacklist era.
He stopped using pseudonyms after Hondo was published in 1953.
The complete package, including five digital identities called pseudonyms or "nyms", will sell as a commercial download for $49.
Somerville and Martin Ross, pseudonyms of Edith Anna Oenone Somerville and Violet Florence Martin (respectively b.
Additionally, the Judge wrote, "Plaintiff failed to disclose that during the time complained of, commencing on July 6, 1998 through May 1999, plaintiff through Edward Bukstel and David Bukstel in an attempt to benefit plaintiff corporation, posted hundreds of negative messages about AH(T) on Yahoo's message board for AH(T) stock on the Internet, using various pseudonyms and not disclosing their relationship to the company or the lawsuit at issue.
1982), who under pseudonyms wrote many of the novels in the Nancy Drew, Dana Girls, Hardy Boys, and Bobbsey Twins series.
With easy-to-use features that let anyone email, surf the Web, post to newsgroups or chat using encryption and pseudonyms, Freedom will empower Internet users to control exactly who knows what about their Internet activities.
Sturgeon, Theodoreoriginal name Edward Hamilton Waldo pseudonyms Frederick R.
Adds Zero-Knowledge's Hill: "Furthermore, by using private digital pseudonyms, companies can store and exchange consumer data, and build secure and profitable relationships with their customers, while still adhering to the EU regulations.
These and other works written under such pseudonyms as Fitz-Boodle, The Fat Contributor, and Ikey Solomons, were published in the four-volume collection Miscellanies (1855-57).