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8, the band took to the stage, emerging from a fake bright green tipi, and proceeded to bump and grind with their back-up dancers, barely scantily clad in feathered psuedo headressess, fringed skirts and hotpants, and braided wigs.
Bush's people know the difference between being smart--as in quick, cunning, focused--and being educated, overeducated, psuedo, verbose, affecting an interest in the useless, the unintelligible, the foreign.
3639 and a Psuedo R2 (percentage of correct predictions) of .
The psuedo rock 'n' roll princess arrives at the Dublin venue for her one Irish date as hot property, with her single Sk8er Boi (ehm, that's Skater Boy to you and I) proving a massive smash hit around these parts.
Although included on any listing of the would's wild sheep, the blue sheep, Psudois nayaur is a psuedo sheep--not of the true sheep Ovis genus.
834 (a) Number of observations 241 241 250 where Y = 1 Number of observations 293 293 299 where Y = 0 Psuedo R-squared 0.